DISCOVERY SET No.4 | 4 pc natural perfume sampler | The Sensual + Complex
DISCOVERY SET No.4 | 4 pc natural perfume sampler | The Sensual + Complex

DISCOVERY SET No.4 | 4 pc natural perfume sampler | The Sensual + Complex

GATHER perfume

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| 4 pc perfume sampler |

Amber / Wood / Chypre . The Sensual + Complex

A sample collection for you to experience curated highlights of Gather perfume. Sample sets are priced to reflect a 20% discount compared to purchasing the equivalent 1 ml samples individually.
This set includes:

AMBREINE - The Authentic Amber - deep, long lasting, voluptuous, timeless 
HEIRLOOM OAK - Memoirs Armoire - sweet woods, malt, bourbon, oak
SWEATER STORIES - Autumn Immersion - standing in for the late great Falling, Sweater Stories is a limited batch that carries some nostalgic overlap to Falling but with it's own signature coziness and earthy, complex yet comforting beauty. 
VINTAGE VIOLET - Mysterious Ways, Green Chypre - grassy, mossy floral with powdery undertones and complex, evolution. bold.

Please see individual listings for complete scent descriptions.

Each glass atomizer contains 1 ml of pure perfume.
The vial itself is a 2 ml volume vial, please note that 1 ml of perfume only fills it half way. My perfumes are concentrated. 

SAMPLE SETS ARE FOR YOUR OLFACTORY DISCOVERY AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. if something arrives damaged please contact us for a replacement. 


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume


** Due to the fact that I - Gather perfume - use exclusively 100% natural materials, batch variance is to be expected. This is the same in any luxury, handcrafted art medium ( such as dance and opera) and agriculturally dependent arts such as viticulture, honey, or microbrewery. Gather perfumes are often limited editions for this reason, as well as the fact that some materials can only be obtained for small windows of time or no longer available at all. If you prefer uniformity in your fragrances, you may want to consider a more commercially available or mixed media brand. 

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