PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural
PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural
Perfume Simples by GATHER, Artisinal Natural Fragrance Two Note Alchemy
PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural
PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural
PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural

PERFUME SIMPLES - Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering - Natural

GATHER perfume

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| Two Note Alchemy Blends for Layering |

Mix and Match

These dreamy duos are intended to be enjoyed layered and are slightly lighter in concentration, making them easy to apply more liberally. These simples are made using unique combinations (one essence and one artisan tincture) that sing when together and aren’t often found in the marketplace.

Only available in 5 ml bottles.

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Ylang - Iris: A sweet floral with a classic orris root base. Ylang ylang is voluptuous and feminine, long regarded as aphrodisiac. Orris (Iris root) is sultry with a powdery, earthy-sweet character well known in perfumery for it's history in chypre perfumes and fragrances requiring an ionone molecule. This duet is gorgeous and blends exquisitely with Saffron - Mate.

Saffron - Mate: Saffron, a rare and coveted spice that boasts a complex scent profile reminiscent of leather, bourbon, faint smoke, and to me, good Indian cuisine. It is dry and somewhat mineral, giving way to myriad blending possibilities. In this base of tinctured yerba mate tea, the saffron lifts into an earthy green tea fragrance that smells of fine taste in food and travel. My personal favorite of all the simples. It layers well with ylang - iris and cardamom - coconut.

Hinoki - Coffee: Woody, dry, unisex. The wood is dominant and the coffee is a soft background tone. 

Balsam Fir - Vanilla: The smell of comfort and trees. Tenacious and citrus nuanced balsam fir is perfectly balanced with not-too-sweet vanilla bean tincture. Wears perfectly with cade - lapsang for a smoky note. (For the full smoke + trees experience, see my Hearth perfume)

Cade - Lapsang: Smoked juniper wood steeped in lapsang souchong tea lingers of bonfire nights and long conversations. Cozy and not too strong, just right for someone who loves a smoky scent but can't tolerate the overtly strong commercial fragrances. Layers well with saffron - mate and balsam - vanilla.

Cardamom - Coconut: A classic combo, gourmand through and through, this blend smells of fine dessert and spice tea, while remaining gentle and easy to wear. Layers especially well with saffron - mate.

Labdanum - Patchouli: Two aromatics almost always found in an amber accord, this simplified amber gives you flexibility of layering and added wearing time for lighter blends. It boasts a perfect balance of sweet and earthy, utilizing patchouli tincture instead of patchouli essential oil we achieve a more sensual, dynamic presentation of the aromatic and a pedestal for the classic labdanum. Layers well with almost anything, but especially with the ylang - iris and vetiver - lavender.

Vetiver - Lavender: Earthy grass roots of vetiver lifted by green, lush lavender (from my garden) - this classic blend is unisex and ideal for a variety of occasions making it perfect for the travel bag. Layers with saffron - mate for a daytime occasion, or with labdanum - patchouli for a more intimate setting.

Cedar - Earl Grey: Fresh woods and bergamot black tea, this duo is for the woody style lover. Cedar provides grounding, stability, and comfort, while hand tinctured earl grey tea offers respite from the busy just like a tea break in the park. Good for the nature lover and hiker. Blends well with all of the above! My favorite is with the labdanum - patchouli for a woody, sensual, soft amber.

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100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume