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DIRT WORSHIP | nature is my church | limited microbatch 2019



Spring Collection Microbatch. Only 150 mls created. 

Hands dig deep into the newly thawed soil. Threads of old roots tangle in your fingers, revealing intricate communication lines and the smell of cool and ready dirt. Fluctuating air incites goosebumps. The garden is being planted. Offerings are being laid to the rich compost. The trees watch over you as their fallen branches fruit bodies of miracle fungi. The cycles of life are palpable.

Sweet resins glow like incense along the furrows of bark. Birds rummage through the dried leaves for the last remaining crab-apple seeds and unsuspecting earthworms. Winter finally lets go, releasing the scent of holy ground. 


Style: Soil, Roots, Incense 

Strength: pure perfume extrait 

Prominent Notes:

Soil (accord) 

Ancient sacred roots

Kyphi (accord) 


The Personal, the Process, The Gathered

There's nothing new about Earth/Nature based spirituality. Listening to the ways of the land, the instincts of fauna, the rhythms of flora, and respecting the soil given to us by millions of years of decay and transformation is a human lineage to be honored. 

In DIRT WORSHIP I take the smells of fresh spring soil and give to it oblations of sacred roots, incense, dried leaves, small berries, and healing elixirs. Dirty with a side of sweet resins, tree bark, cool rain, and wilted flowers. 

Try before you buy, it's not for everyone.