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What's the difference between Natural Perfume and Aromatherapy Perfume?


While aromatherapy blends offer (usually much simpler) therapeutic combinations of essential oils to aid in health and well being, botanical perfume expands beyond this purpose utilizing a much larger range of aromatic materials and composing accords using both traditional and modern methods of blending that utilize alchemy, synergy, sensory intuition and focus, artistic vision, and skill. Perfume is for the sake of pleasure, expression, and experience, versus aromatherapy for the purpose of health benefits. 

Although natural perfumes will naturally have aromatherapeutic properties, this is a smaller part of how and why they are created. Perfumes really are created fully for the olfactory experience. That said, there can be overlap, and there are definitely aromatherapy perfumes that are equally as artful as they are therapeutic.

How long will GATHER perfume last once I apply it?

I pride myself on creating perfumes with tenacity in mind. I like a perfume that evolves and wears for at least a good few hours or more. Most of my perfumes are made at a strong percentage and with base notes that act as fixatives. That said, in general, botanical fragrances are personal and intimate; they are not meant to enter the room before you; they are meant to walk with you, as your second skin, as your je ne sais quoi. Natural perfumes will vary widely in their wearing time and sillage, depending on the ingredients and the concentration of the perfume, how much you apply, and your personal chemistry - but in general will not have the overwhelm or “stick” that synthetics do. For today's conscious market, this is highly desirable.

Gather perfumes are pure perfume extrait strength unless otherwise noted, ei; eau de toilette or cologne strength.


Are your products vegan?


I use beeswax in my lip balms and in a few of my perfumes, so you may not consider that vegan.
All of my perfumes are plant based, cruelty-free, 100% natural, sythentic free, petroleum free, phthalate free, and as consciously sourced as possible. 
All of my base extracts are from wild harvested plants that I gather myself, and from artisanal tinctures that I make by hand.


Wholesale availability


I offer a small line of my perfumes for stockists. They are available through Etsy Wholesale, or you can email me for a google line sheet presentation.

My perfumes do best in high end boutique style shops where the customer holds high standards for natural products and fine art. 

Thanks for your interest!


Care instructions


Botanical perfume is sensitive to light and heat. For best results, store your Gather perfume products out of direct light and heat, and they will last you a long time.