Each small batch is composed from 100% natural botanical aromatics in a stable base of artisanal spirits and/or fractionated coconut oil. No synthetics are used; everything is naturally free of phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic preservatives, and harmful ingredients found in conventional perfumes and cosmetics. Animal products are only used in the form of beeswax and honey in perfume, and sometimes lanolin in beauty products as well as local new England raw honey.


All Gather perfumes and products are made entirely by hand. We blend all of the aromatics including base accords such as amber and do not outsource any pre-made blends or bases. This keeps our artistic integrity alive and well, and allows us to ensure that dilutions are  made accurately and blends are made in stable, pure bases. Every perfume is created attentively from scratch and every skin care item infused with high standards and quality ingredients.

This gives Gather perfumes an unmatched quality of artisanship, fragrance layers, complexity, originality, effectiveness, and olfactory beauty. Gather perfumes are connected to nature and speak to the soul.



Many of these artisanal extracts and infusions are made from hand gathered ingredients - wild harvested roses, hand collected clover, home grown lavender, riverside linden blossoms, and winter foraged wild spruce resin, to name just a few. The richness of the wild is present in every bottle.

White Fir Ananda Gather perfume

Roses, Ananda Gather, perfumer's hands


The aromatics sourced from others are done so with the priority of quality of scent (aromatic profile), trustworthiness of supplier, and responsibility to the plants. An effort to source pure, sustainable plant aromatics is always a prime consideration particularly for delicate species. That said, we compose using traditional perfumery methods and honor the history of these precious materials and their prestigious, irreplaceable role in the final result of a perfume, and so use these precious materials with reverence, artistic respect and care.  Our perfumes consist of a wide variety of aromatic renderings; essential oils, absolutes, Co2 extracts, cold presses, waxes and concreted, tinctures and infusions,  and hydrosols. We keep a wide palette for your ultimate experience of real, natural , unique perfume.
No isolates or aromachemicals are used, ever.

Ananda, Gather perfume 2019 Studio


Just as each year's fruit, vegetable, and honey yield depend on farms and weather, so do plants for perfumery. The cornerstone of how much rose oil or jasmine absolute we can acquire and how much it will cost in a given year, is the farm (or wild harvesters) - do they have enough workers? Was there enough rain? Was it dry on the morning the blossoms became perfect for picking? Does this plant require hand-pollination, or more than a year to develop roots, or put out flowers? Is this plant an at risk species that requires extra cultivation or tending? How much aromatic oil will the plant yield?

Many variables contribute to the availability and cost of materials. Some materials have near quadrupled in price just recently, such as our ever-important vanilla, making perfumes that feature these plants extremely hard to restock for and keep prices consistent.


In essence, I consider all of my perfumes 'limited editions', simply based on this fact of nature variables that I cannot predict. Just as wine makers are at the mercy of their vineyards, perfumers are at the mercy of nature around the world. The perfumes that I intend to carry continuously, I simply do so out of luck and hope each year as the plants return. Some perfumes are rare strokes of blessings, such as the year the frangipani was abundant, and the year the mate tea absolute was readily available. We take mother nature's generosity as it comes and try to honor the fluctuations like Andy Goldsworthy.

I feature a separate section for limited editions + seasonal items that you can enjoy from time to time. The products usually feature more distinct aromatics - either a niche creation, a rare essence, or is of seasonal trend.

An artist must appease the muse!


Side notes ... it is important that you still try a sample and patch test first. Some folks are still sensitive to plant material, same as you may react to pollen or hay, you should find a fragrance that delights you on all levels. Please purchase and wear responsibly, as there are no refunds or exchanges due to a dislike or reaction. See policies for complete info.