BOTANICAL BALMS AND UNGUENTS | Healing Aromatic Salves For Wellness and Pleasure

Balms to soothe the skin, the soul, the muscles, the heart .... here you'll find my current collection of seasonal handcrafted salves. 

Each carefully crafted formula begins with time infused nourishing oils or fats. Slowly rendering the medicinal properties of the plant materials (many of which I forage by hand) into a medicinal strength infusion, the foundation of these balms starts with potent healing goodness. 

I then layer in additional ingredients; beautiful butters, waxes, and aromatics, working towards a synergistic whole that gifts the layers of the body/mind/spirit in support of wellness and pleasure. 

Each of these balms spare no expense of time, ingredients, aromatic materials, and labor. Created from start to finish by my hands to yours utilizing my knowledge of herbalism, aromatherapy and perfumery - each is a salve of depth, healing, and heart. 



These salves utilize natural beeswax, and the Sigh of Trees is based in local tallow (pasture raised) - so my salves are more for the Weston A Price style folk and aren't considered to be vegan.  

If you are allergic to anything of concern, feel free to email me, I'm happy to double check any of my formulas for you. 

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