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INCENSE + EMBERS - Natural Botanical Perfume - Jasmine Smoke

INCENSE + EMBERS - Natural Botanical Perfume - Jasmine Smoke

GATHER perfume

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| Jasmine Smoke |


Dark smoke rises from the embers of smoldering birch logs; white ghosts of wood against the night sky. Heady sweet blossoms intoxicate the air while rows of bundled tobacco leaves cure along the barn rafters.

Style: Smoke, floral, incense

Prominent Notes:

Jasmine Sambac

Tobacco blonde

Smoked birch / Cade


The Personal, The Process, The Gathered

The lingering aroma of last night's bonfire captured on one's hair or a lover's sweater is one of the small but poignant sensory treasures of life. The way that night magic is held in the smell, how hopeful flowers and smoldering woods symbolize both romance and spirituality. The smell of incense and fire is an ancient and primal smell that stirs our core. Paired with the sensual nectar of carnal flowers, the combination is deep and seductive, prayerful and nostalgic, rich and memorable.

Incense + Embers began as a solid perfume, paired with Hearth as an option for layering the feminine with the masculine. Making it into a liquid perfume allowed the jasmine notes to sing, and the tobacco and smoke to become more dynamic and layered.

Incense + Embers features artisanal birch bark tincture from grey birches that offer their bark to the forest floor of New England.


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume