Our luxury face creams are handcrafted from raw materials (no premade 'lotion bases') and hand whipped to perfection in micro batch quantities of 10-12 jars at a time. 

Each cream begins with time intensive therapeutic oil infusions of nourishing botanicals; often plants we wild harvest ourselves. 

These rich, luscious cream emulsions are then designed according to the season's inspirations and ingredient availability, utilizing pure butters, waxes, and exquisite plant aromatics to give you a truly luxurious daily self care ritual without the chemical irritation of commercial products.  

The cream aromatics are formulated by me, and the cream as a whole is made and whipped by mom, Lucy, my first herb teacher and seasoned medicine woman.



we use natural beeswax, so if you are vegan please note. 

We sometimes use coconut oil, lanolin, cocoa butter and nut oils - please beware if you are allergic. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need any formulas double checked for a specific ingredient. Always patch test any new product! 

These creams should be used! We utilize natural means of preservation which includes ethanol sterilization of all equipment/tools, proper emulsion of cream, and natural rosemary antioxidant. Use them up within a year, keeping them away from direct light and heat exposure. 

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