GATHER | perfume welcomes you

Welcome to GATHER
Where botanical perfume and natural skin care are more than just scent, but a meaningful experience of art.
We strive to add value to your life through sensory pleasure and olfactory magic. GATHER is beyond just a perfume collection - it is a reminder of being human. In the moments you pause to smell, what do you gather? Stories? Calm? Memories? Courage?
We gather and create, so you can gather and express.
Many plants that infuse these potions are hand gathered carefully from the wild, or are lovingly grown organically in the garden, and the aromatics are the finest we can source from around the world. We hold high reverence to earth's bounty and to your health. You will never find a synthetic ingredient here. But you may find glimmers of magic - for petals have been kissed by moonlight, leaves by dew, and roots by soil ..
Plants are powerful agents of beauty and healing - let their active, whole elements nourish and heal your skin, and bask in the complexity and elegance of their incredible perfumes!
Formerly Amrita Aromatics (2003-2017) GATHER perfume comes to you with decades of experience in botanical products, natural perfumery, aromatherapy and herbal medicine. It is our hope that you feel treasured with every item you receive, and that these perfumes bring your experience of scent to a new and sublime level of fragrance wearing.
Every item is hand composed, hand bottled, hand labeled. There is no factory here, everything is slow and careful, loved and tended. Fixed oils are purchased in small quantities to assure freshness. Plants are dried nearby for frequent tending. Blossoms, leaves, and resins are infused and extracted with care and attention.
We will be staying in touch via this blog and hopefully a more regular newsletter - please be sure to sign up and to follow on social media for limited editions, updates, and sales notices!
So it is with gratitude and excitement that we bring to you the new incarnation of botanical perfumes: GATHER.