* NEW * Precipice Collection | Fall 2020 | Launches 11.20.2020

Georgia on my Mind | Scent of Place

Misty mornings 
wrought iron balcony
a ripe peach
and french press
cream and humidity
distant music pounds
culture and cries 
diversity sings
paint speaks
art begs
light points through fog

wet leaves turn storms
into pearls 
history hope
watering the parched hearts
of forgotten skin
afternoon cloudbursts
make rainbows

milky nights 
sultry in the reigns
of leathered stories 
dirt kicked 
by galloping beasts
rushing towards apricot skies
towards a sweeter harvest

paradox of mind
land worshipers
farming old ways
that honey cures
or heat rises
yet money grows
on trees

peeling flesh
from stone
from pit and pith 
pushing the hard shell
into the mud
for a new tree
a new orchard
a new sunrise
a new georgia


Georgia peach on the balcony. Gather perfume, Ananda Wilson