Introducing: AUTONOETIC | HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS | an olfactory exploration into awareness of self and time.




an olfactory exploration into awareness of self and time.

Fall 2019 Limited Edition, only 240 mls created

Autonoetic Botanical Perfume by Gather

Awareness, ginger.

Time, sandalwood.

Empathy, honeysuckle accord.

Generosity and desire, vanilla.

Temporary luxury, saffron.

Acknowledgment, amber accord.

Expression, mehndi attar.

Pleasures of the flesh, butter, turmeric, ylang ylang.

The great mystery, contemplation, seeking, yerba mate. 



au·​to·​no·​et·​ic | \ ˌȯ-tə-nə-ˈwe-tik  \

relating to or characterized by the capacity to be aware of one’s own existence as an entity in time

Among the capacities thought to be uniquely human are autonoetic consciousness, the aspect of self-awareness that allows us to imagine our own experiences in different places at other times …— R. Shayna Rosenbaum et al., Science, 23 Nov. 2007

It [episodic memory] makes possible mental time travel through subjective time, from the present to the past, thus allowing one to re-experience, through autonoetic awareness, one’s own previous experiences.— Endel Tulving, Annual Review of Psychology, 2002

Autonoetic consciousness is the capacity that allows adult humans to mentally represent and to become aware of their protracted existence across subjective time.— Mark A. Wheeler et al., Psychological Bulletin, May 1997


Style: Spice, oriental

Ginger and Sandalwood are predominant. Florals, butter and amber are there for fullness and depth but do not stand out. Saffron is highly variable for people - for some it is strong, while others can't detect it. The vanilla and yerba mate blend in and you must be patient to notice them. This perfume is a practice in noticing, in subtlety, in fluidity and change, in patience. A meditation if you will. 



Patiently wait
for the sandalwood to emerge
from under
the spiced blanket
rich with royal audacity
a bossy stance, crowned
impossible to ignore
but wait
for the wise whispers of the advisor
the druid
the medicine woman
the alchemist
walking strong
with a sassafras
laying medicine words
and warm hands
on a shivering body
sipping away sad memories
guiding visions towards 
towards ambition
towards conviction
and purpose
and self actualization
a mad mix
of narcissism
and procreative
a mad mix of a made up dimension
and a carbon magic trick
a mad mix of inquisitive


The Personal, The Process, The Gathered

An olfactory exploration of self aware human consciousness and our remarkable ability to imagine ourselves in the past, present and future. Episodic memory is a phenomenon often triggered by scent and is related to autonoetic consciousness.  

Perhaps you too have an experience like mine, where scent is a precursor to events. Perhaps you smell baked goods before your grandmother happens to stop in for a visit. Perhaps you smell your lover's shampoo before you receive an unexpected text. Perhaps you recall your baby's milk and cookies feel, and then you come across an old photo you tucked inside a favorite book. 

This self-aware, time bending, visionary capacity of humanity is a remarkable trait - both a blessing and a curse, but nonetheless, incredible. 

This perfume explores just a few of the many facets of being a self aware being. Each note representing a facet, there is an imbalance true to humanity, yet part of the reason we keep being mystified by our own existence. I've selected the notes based on my own autonoetic synethsthesia experiences,  as well as facets that represent contemplation. These plant smells are historical and global, so I am not so vain as to think they will be uniquely alive in my own memory and not our collective consciousness as well. 

Autonoetic is very spicy, please be aware that a sample and patch tests are highly recommended before full wearing. 
If you have extremely sensitive skin, I suggest wearing this perfume on a darker colored scarf, in the tips of your longer hair, or in an aromatherapy pendant. 


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume