Olfactory imprints from childhood. Growing up with plant medicine. Word sketch

Olfactory imprints from childhood. 

Growing up with plant medicine

Stevia. green powder. sweet. miracle. 

Chaparral, dark green powder. the smell of the desert. magic power. I was five or six years old. tiny hands work powder into gelatin capsules. 

Sandalwood. creamy, deep, lasting sandalwood. incense, oil. white kerchief. enlightenment. sacred

Nag Champa. fruit on the altar, carnations. puja smells. initiation

Rice. bready lactonic pure cooking rice steam. lemon and spices added. coriander. fenugreek. ghee. saffron. almonds. nourishment 

Brahmi oil. perfect green sweet unctuous brahmi oil. sanctuary. never been able to replicate the smell. makes sheets rancid after time. long life. 

Hay. bales of round hay. The sweetness of summer freedom in the countryside. coumarins. imagination. 

Chandrika. vedic soap. auromere, vedic toothpaste. spices and licorice. 

Cardamom. Richness, luxury, a secret wealth. 

Vata oil. mysterious air perfume. calmed turmoil. settled fear. 

Basil. fresh from the garden. joyful eating. 

Snap peas. a feast. green and vegetal, near the tomato plants. too young to know anything. 

Patchouli. body powder form. I'd steal it to wear with an orange silk blouse. trying on sexy. 

Almond body cream. when my body ached. healing touch. 

Tea Tree oil and eucalyptus. acne remedy. applied neat. 

Rehmannia, shizandra, all the chinese herbs, decocting forever. 

Turmeric root in honey. If ever I was sick. and ginger. 

Garlic, in my throat, when I was really, really sick. 

Yogi tea. Kapha tea. constant company.

Tonka bean. consecrated medicine pouch. mojo

Jasmine. not the fake kind. trellises of jasmine in california. awakening. longing.

White sage, ceremony. full moons. women's voices. shamanic journeys. 

Mugwort, harvested every year. bleachy smelling. medicinal. 

Yarrow, the heal-all ally. bittersweet medicine, yarrow smells like yarrow. 

Sweetgrass. sweat lodge. before marriage.

Roses. always roses. 

Rose harvest, Ananda Wilson, Gather perfume