THE ROSE COLLECTOR | peak bloom | limited edition 2019




when the clock escapes
do we catch butterfly moments
in our memories
as they slip and slide
through our clenching hours

when sun sets 
and stars appear
do we keep the knowing
of morning's light?
Tight rope of time,
can we reconcile? 

how can warm air
inside of a breath
of relief
forgotten goosebumps
sweaters traded
for skinned knees 
at the altar of wild berries
feral perfume
peaks of pleasure

in that I lost me
and arrived whole

(the rose collector)

  the rose collector, gather perfume

Style: Full Floral Bouquet

Strength: pure perfume extrait

Prominent Notes:

Roses - Local wild foraged, Austrian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Garden grown heirloom

Neroli, Tunisian, French

Orange Blossom, Tunisian

Yuzu, Petitgrain Sur Fleur, Bergamot

Ambreine accord 

Sandalwood (organic, sustainably sourced)

Juniper Heartwood


Strawberry tincture

Sweet Acacia

Hay absolute

The Personal, the Process, The Gathered

Few things
pass time
like there isn't any
gathering smell
petals pink
fingers soft
hot skin
endless rhythm
breathe in
breathe in
breathe in 

This perfume is a love poem to the peak blooming season, the warm summer days kissed by floral breezes, the sensual frenzy of harvesting, the ecstatic work of rhythmic foraging. Momentary storms pass through to quench the land, giving way to sky colors and rainbows. Sunshowers and fluctuating temperatures imprint moments on our skin. Roses being a talisman of my family as well as healing aromatic herbalism in general, this perfume is quite possibly a selfish indulgence. 

Utilizing a hard to find Tunisian Neroli (orange blossom) blossom absolute (costing $200 for 1/2 oz) and myriad roses, there are deep floral layers within the flourishing bouquet; notes of tea, humidity, citrus zest, refined greenery, and hints of naturally occurring spice from within the flowers. A delicate inference of strawberry whispers like nearby wild bramble berries that share the lineage of the rose family and her sweet / thorny ways. 

Make no mistake, this is a big bright blooming floral, similar to the feel of my perfume Spring Ephemeral.