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VAGANOVA | bittersweet ballet perfume | limited return batch 2019



Fourth Edition :: 2019 Limited microbatch. Only 200 mls made. 

Dances of rosin & satin, classic folk tales, drying flower bouquets, and youthful dreams. Graceful, elegant, and nostalgic.

A fragrant reverence to classical ballet dancers. A captivating rosewood opening with facets of pink grapefruit and carnation accord. Unusual floral-woods in the heart full of authentic tuberose, honey, jasmine, labdanum, and freesia tincture. A complex and moody drydown featuring heart woods, beeswax and sweet tobacco to symbolize the ballet bars, pointe shoes, and costume chests.

Style: Woody floral

Strength: Pure perfume extrait

All spring collection bottles except the leaf flacon arrive fitted with a travel cap and include an optional atomizer. 

Prominent notes:


Carnation accord

Dry woods



Originally composed for Amherst Ballet 2013.