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WINTER SOLACE + BELOVED | Limited edition perfume collections 2018, 2019 by GATHER


A sultry, intoxicating white floral with narcotic influence. 

Limited microbatch


HEIRLOOM OAK - Dec 2018 

A rich, nostalgic homage to oak furniture passed down through generations. 

Limited microbatch

Heirloom Oak perfume by Gather, 100% Natural


SURI - Solid version - Rose soliflore - Feb 2019 

A thousand roses from around the world, presented in ornate silver compact

Limited microbatch, 4 made

Suri Natural Rose perfume solid by Gather


SWOON - seasonal return - spiced floral gourmand - Feb 2019

Falling in love at a coffee shop on a cold winter's day in New England

Limited microbatch

Swoon perfume by Gather, coffee floral spice gourmand, 100% Natural


NOUDE - Feb 2019 

Exotic RARE fruity floral oud

Limited Microbatch - cannot be remade

NOUDE exotic rare fruity floral oud perfume extrait by Gather, limited edition 2019