FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace
FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace

FALLING ..... | Natural Botanical Perfume | The Embrace

GATHER perfume

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Layers of textured emotion, an undulation of contrast and synergy.  

Tantalizing juice punctuates an autumnal feast of gem colored aromas. Nature has taken her lovers and given us nectar, roots, drupes and vines ... shall we indulge our senses until we are full, relishing in the rewards of dirt and rain and sun? Lay in my leaves and I will hold you. Sleep on my moss and I will warm you. Hide in my branches and I will disguise you. Sip of my sap and I will hydrate you. Eat of my roots and I will energize you. Breathe in my flowers and I will teach you.Taste of my fruits and I will delight you. Fall into my arms and I will protect you. 


Style: Chypre, slightly fruity, slightly gourmand, dynamic, deep & moody

Strength: pure perfume extrait or eau de parfum

Key Notes:

Pink Pepper

Red Mandarin







Balsam Fir






Orris root


Amber fossilized

Basil sCo2 

Coffee tincture



The Personal, The Process, The Gathered

Finding the autumnal embrace. It is not unlike the comfort of a lover's arms in a moment of despair. While the glory of summer is slowly replaced by the grief of a dying garden and the songs of the crickets are slowly quieted by cooling nights, there is a kneading of the heart that beckons us to seek comfort.

I find comfort in my senses; the smell of the loamy forest floor, the crackling of peppercorns as I prepare the first crock of chai. The texture of the vanilla beans as I scrape the unctuous seeds from my fingers. The soft purls of a favorite afghan. The falling of the leaves is beautiful and tragic. The crisp mornings are refreshing yet strict, both eased and fueled by the fragrance of strong coffee. Stewed fruits for compote; I collect the pits for tinctures. The descent of the last apples, the leaning of the heavy flower heads, the falling of the light. 

Comfort, abundance, grief, intimacy, vulnerability, desire, lust, need ... all of these are the folds of emotions inside of FALLING... 


Features hand tinctured locally roasted organic Sumatra coffee, along with my hand tinctured orris root and patchouli leaf. 

Aromatic Muse patrons for September 2018 experienced the stages of this perfume in process and a few of its key ingredients. 


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume



** Due to the fact that I - Gather perfume - use exclusively 100% natural materials, batch variance is to be expected. This is the same in any luxury, handcrafted art medium ( such as dance and opera) and agriculturally dependent arts such as viticulture, honey, or microbrewery. Gather perfumes are often limited editions for this reason, as well as the fact that some materials can only be obtained for small windows of time or no longer available at all. If you prefer uniformity in your fragrances, you may want to consider a more commercially available or mixed media brand. 

With Love,


No refunds or exchanges. Please see policies before purchasing. Samples are always recommended. Perfume is subjective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rich coffee perfume

I usually give Ananda's creations 5 stars but I'm not a coffee lover so it was a pass for me but my niece who is a coffee lover really liked it. I have to say that Ananda is the most talented perfumer I've come across and I am glad I found out about her through a youtube channel I subscribe to. I find there are many of her perfumes that I would never want to be w/out and I hope she continues to make my favorites and also come up w/ more of her brilliant creations in the future.

Oh! the treasure ....

Oh! The magic of this rich, soul-full and hypnotic gem, as it reaches, ever so gently, with tender, long, feminine arms, into past lives and past times, to bring memories alive in such detail - of sweet nights, warm summers with golden and carrot-red leaves glistening in the sun - and all-nighters with best friends, connecting - loving - sharing sheer joy . Falling, is the sand on the beach - a carpet of bright lights... as the ocean runs to and from its bright magic carpet. Falling came to me as a sample when I received my lovely SAMARA today ...and Falling took me on it's deep, rich Forest green journey to the soul -what an amazing and magical and truly healing treasure, Falling is... Thank you, Ananda, for this gem...