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An olfactory narrative


A virtual artist collective, folk tale week dives into 7 one word folk tale style prompts over the course of 7 days. Artists of all mediums from around the globe immerse themselves in a shared inspiration and shared passion for their artistry. You can explore the incredible talent on Instagram using #folktaleweek and #folktaleweek2019.

You are invited into my seven day immersion through olfactory exploration of these concepts. In parentheses I have included a short interpretive phrase to give you an idea of the direction I took for each perfume.

Samplers were offered first, before full bottles were offered, to give my patrons the chance to get to know them before I listed what extremely limited amounts I have of each of these aromatic treasures, as they are unbalanced beauties, truly a walk through the artistic process of inspired creativity.

If one sings to you, please let me know so I can consider making it again. 

Enjoy .. 


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