GATHER perfume is a line of luxury niche botanical perfume, artisan crafted in Massachusetts by perfumer Ananda Wilson. Each small batch is skillfully hand composed from 100% natural botanical aromatics in a stable base of spirits and/or fractionated coconut oil.

No synthetics are used; everything is naturally free of phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic preservatives, and harmful ingredients found in conventional perfumes and cosmetics. Gather perfumes are intended to deepen your connection to your senses, enrich your experience of being human, and nurture your intimate relationship with nature through the ancient alchemy of scent. 

GATHER signature perfumes are fully realized botanical perfume compositions with complex layers of aromatics, a distinct olfactory identity, and a fragrance evolution from the first impression opening notes, warming to reveal the heart of the perfume, and lastly blooming into the harmony of the base notes and lingering drydown.

They are carefully crafted to evoke an emotional and imaginative response, a luxurious sensory experience, and a strong memory imprint for the wearer.

The ancient art of botanical perfumery carries the alchemy of scent and of plant magic into today’s world of busy-ness and disconnection. With roots deep in the realm of spirituality and  ritual, of sacred rites and daily healing, of seduction and sensuality, botanical aromatics stir a primal part of ourselves. Scent awakens our instincts, strengthens our spirits, confirms our identity, and opens our imagination.

With today’s capacities for obtaining natural aromatics, we as botanical perfumers now have access to a vast palette of scent profiles, offering the artist, and the market, an incredible array of sophisticated and elegant possibilities.

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