CALIFORNIA CANYON - Natural Botanical Perfume - Topanga in Birkenstocks

CALIFORNIA CANYON - Natural Botanical Perfume - Topanga in Birkenstocks

GATHER perfume

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| Topanga Canyon Trails in Birkenstocks |


The trail underfoot leads to undulating waves of wildly fragrant white sage and an endless span of sky. Fingers adorned in turquoise and silver, toes comforted by cork soles and soft earth, each step is treasured. Worn flannel gets tucked away as the cool morning mist opens to hot dry noon, embracing a fleshy summit into the high heart of the desert wilderness. Feathered wings soar above the feral blooming jasmine vines. The city slinks to a faint pin down below and nothing but fresh rocks, sweet earth, and wild herbs remain.

 (soon to be photographed + restocked. find samples in discovery set No. 3)

Style: Herbal, Earthy, Dry, Floral, Bohemian


Prominent Notes:

White Sage

Jasmine Grandiflorum

Vintage Dark Patchouli


The Personal, The Process, The Gathered


I visited my father in Topanga Canyon in 1991. I was 16. We hiked up the trails of the Topanga mountainside and I will never forget it. The smell, the wild sage, the angle of the sun at high noon.  The mineral nature of the rocks, part warm and part cool. It was sheer magic. My father burned leaves of white sage he had collected on his walks, in an abalone shell that fit perfectly in his hand. The small house he lived in was tucked into the mountainside, and the morning light illuminated his collection of crystals, musical instruments, and strangely matching piles of computer cords. California also being home to an abundance of jasmine flowers, my memories of there are laced with blooming vines.

California Canyon perfume features hand gathered and handcrafted white sage tincture and artisan patchouli leaf tincture.


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume