PETAL FETISH | Limited Collection - Summer 2020 | Botanical Perfume + Skin Care


| Limited Collection Summer 2020 |

a sultry summer surrender
100% natural handcrafted botanical perfume and skin care for sensory immersion and self care
The Petal Fetish summer collection highlights healing summer blooms that grow abundantly and fragrantly here in New England.

Creamy fluffy elderflowers from my  flourishing 10 year old bush that I grew from a baby are used in most of the items, offering skin softening and soothing properties while imparting their ethereal aroma. Layered with cooling rose petals (a combination of homegrown rosa centifolia and wildcrafted rosa rugosa), and wildcrafted linden blossoms, there is a bit of summery wildflower magic in each formula, along with carefully chosen nourishing bases and alchemical aromatics for both olfactory pleasure and skin care benefits.

The limited return batch of PETAL FETISH  is a rich tobacco - rose perfume brimming with the sensuality of humid summer nights and the call of a secret garden rendezvous. Rare (extremely precious) ingredients like real orris root co2, carnation absolute, mehndi attar, and exquisite florals dance with juicy orange and sweet amber for an intoxicating yet refined indulgence.
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