WHITE FLOWERS \ OCTOBER MOMENTS | Limited batch offerings '22-'23 |


Fall and Winter give us time internal. Visceral contemplation, intentional beauty rituals, anointed moments, candid inquiries. 

White Flowers
is an aromatic offering to the inner spirit through the darkest time of year. hypnotic aromas to anoint, to nourish, and to acknowledge the time of curling up in a soft fur blanket of hibernation. 

White Flowers installment features two returning works {Soft Animal batch 3, White Flowers in the Dark } and one limited edition beauty oil {White Flowers beauty oil}

October Moments keeps the embers of autumn glowing with sensorial portraits of New England terroir as it cascades from hot garnet horizons to jagged frosted oak leaf edges. The signature scents of the season resonate throughout the day, from the brisk mornings that hum with the purity of moon filtered air, to the first sip of french press coffee savored in your thick woolen warmies, to the evergreen of the wintergreen warmed by the noon sun as we clunk through the forest on an afternoon forage. Each hour of the day giving its gifts in its own temperature. The evening, a juxtaposition of orange and blue, of abundance and of grief, of bounty and the bonfire. 

October Moments installment features two new works {Sweater Stories, Waxed Leaves} and one return batch {Autonoetic}.

All are very limited. 

Please be patient for a shipping notice. I'm only one person <3 

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