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AMBER ESPRESSO - Botanical Perfume - Fossilized Amber + Dark Roast

AMBER ESPRESSO - Botanical Perfume - Fossilized Amber + Dark Roast

GATHER perfume

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{ Fossilized Amber Resin + Dark Roast }


Sophisticated amber resin with its leather and mineral nuance wears like a one of a kind jacket, highlighted by your favorite dark roast espresso on a cold winters day.  A not so sweet amber with the edge of coffee beans is a balanced, smooth, sexy pair that lingers beyond the empty cup.

This perfume does come in my signature etched bottle. Because I only made two bottles, this perfume is unfiltered.


Style: Amber, Leather, Gourmand, Seasonal


Prominent Notes:

Fossilized Amber resin




Tomato leaf


Bitter orange flower


The Personal, The Process, The Gathered


My first Christmas with my husband (1995) he bought me the softest, sexiest leather jacket. Every perfume I wore wove itself into the skin, mingling with the animalic notes. Our favorite coffee shop added layers of freshly ground and brewed beans and smells that are still of deep memories for me.

The fossilized amber here is a rare rendering of amber tree resin - boasting mineral character and a non-sweet, sophisticated amber body with leather hints. Tenacious and one of my favorite materials to work with.