GATHER x TSVGA PERFUME COLLABORATION 2023 preorder (ships in November)
GATHER x TSVGA PERFUME COLLABORATION 2023 preorder (ships in November)
GATHER x TSVGA PERFUME COLLABORATION 2023 preorder (ships in November)
GATHER x TSVGA PERFUME COLLABORATION 2023 preorder (ships in November)

GATHER x TSVGA PERFUME COLLABORATION 2023 preorder (ships in November)


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perfume collaboration 2023 
One of a Kind . 15 ml . 


the juice is made! read on for the notes and concepts, but stop here if you prefer surprises! 

An original fall feast of sweet and savory delicacies. Built on a foundation of our roasted nut accord including hazelnut and pistachio, you'll be led through the soft and nuanced phases of each olfactory course. Special features: our in-house goldenrod distillation from local flowers we gathered, a tempered floral heart with tuberose, genet and tagetes, gourmet artisan made truffle tincture, and a cozy fall accord with faint nuances of coffee, tobacco and smooth woods. This perfume is held in a base of all aromatic botanical tinctures for both breadth and depth while keeping the mood intimate and comforting. Light handed warm spices bring this cornucopia to its fullest.  

Concentration: EDP 
Style: Gourmet, Gourmand, Terroir
Batch: OOAK microbatch 
Noses: James Barry, Ananda Wilson


original structure: 

James of TSVGA parfums and I are creating something together this month. It will be an olfactory collaboration created somewhat off the cuff, in real time, and mailed to its recipients sometime in November. 

WHY it's exciting - James and I are constantly trying to set up creative time to work together and even just to catch up on current affairs in the perfumery landscape, but we quite literally have opposite schedules and both are extremely busy folk. So it's not nearly as often as we'd like. But when we DO manage to get together, the olfactory creativity is potent - two people rich with ideas and creative energy, when the perfume starts flowing it's chemistry that both pushes us out of our habits yet somehow also pulls on our strengths. So the perfume you would be committing to will undoubtedly be original and complex. 

Another facet of interest is time. Because we are making this and then shipping it within such an unusually short time frame for a perfume, we will be inviting you to engage in the aging process of your perfume. You will be able to smell first hand the stages your fragrance goes through as it ripens, melds, and matures. While this isn't ideal for the factor of filtration, it's a part of the process the customer is almost never privy to. In some subtle ways you'll have a new perfume every month, as the nuances shift through time.

Between the two of us we have access to some of the most exquisite perfumery materials in the world, and while good materials don't automatically mean an outstanding result, I can say that we will both be investing our best into this one. 

WHY it may {or may not} be for you - 
It's essentially a blind buy - not unlike going to see a band you love knowing they're going to play you a set list of music you haven't heard yet. Do you take the risk? 

Mystery perfume commitment pre-order before 10/23 is discounted - $169

Additional clues will be offered 10/24

Post-order after 10/23 perfume blending will be full price - $195 


No refunds or exchanges this is a FINAL PURCHASE