MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume
MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume

MEAD - A Nectar Libation - Natural Perfume


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Limited Micro-batch   

Joyful effervescence greets the senses like fluttering bee wings. An invitation to celebrate the moment. Cultured honey, soaked wildflowers, feral fruits and tingly yeast join bodies in the arms of an oak hug, bubbling with new and transformative energy. Sugars devoured by life. 
Style: Gourmand

Strength: pure perfume extrait or eau de parfum

Prominent Notes:


Mead Accord (honey wine) 

Molasses Accord 

Soaked Flowers

Wood Barrels

Vanilla beans

Tart fruits

Herbaceous sprigs
The Personal, the Process, The Gathered

MEAD, 2022 is remastered from its original formula which I created in 2012. Its complexity back then not quite meeting the nose with enough familiarity, it was beloved by some and not by others. The recent resurrection of niche ferments, traditional libations, herbal shrubs and fancy distillations along with niche natural perfumery have expanded the taste buds and olfactory breadth of many, making this a wonderful time for MEAD perfume to make its return. That said, I'm not here to please the masses, so samples are always recommended. 

Complexity within comfort - Mead offers emotional effervescence in the opening; a medley of syrup, citrus rinds, boozy tart cognac, and herbaceous edges from resinous propolis and sprigs of davana - an artemisia species remeniscent of traditional absinthe but with naturally occurring snappy apple notes instead of adding anise to the very bitter herb. Chamomile makes an appearance, as does dense, creamy vanilla, macerating flowers in a vat of aged wood barrels and raw honey. There's a certain historical allure to the composition; the uncertainty of a romantic flurry with the promise of a coming wedding - a beautiful story that shifts significantly from opening to heart to drydown.

There are some overlapping notes with both Mellis and Botany's Daughter which some of you may notice. Tart flowers and soft citruses. There are also some similar nuances to Path of the Pollinator - those bready, syrupy but slightly medicinal notes. 

"Sipping" your glass of Mead, there is a whole liquid that (hopefully) is faceted and paced, but in the end is more than the sum of its parts. 

Cheers to the new season of romance, fertility, jubilee and handfastings.


All 5 and 15 ml bottles arrive with a secure black cap as well as optional atomizer.  Cap is recommended for purse or travel. 


MEAD IS NOT CONSIDERED VEGAN it contains Honey, Beeswax, and Propolis. 
Credit to James of TSVGA parfums for providing the hand tinctured propolis material. 


100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance by GATHER perfume


** Due to the fact that I - Gather perfume - use exclusively 100% natural materials, batch variance is to be expected. This is the same in any luxury, handcrafted art medium ( such as dance and opera) and agriculturally dependent arts such as viticulture, honey, or microbrewery. Gather perfumes are often limited editions for this reason, as well as the fact that some materials can only be obtained for small windows of time or no longer available at all. If you prefer uniformity in your fragrances, you may want to consider a more commercially available or mixed media brand. 

With Love,

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