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No. 22 SANTAL RESERVE - Natural Botanical Perfume - COMING SOON
No. 22 SANTAL RESERVE - Natural Botanical Perfume - COMING SOON

No. 22 SANTAL RESERVE - Natural Botanical Perfume - COMING SOON

GATHER perfume

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No. 22

| Santal Reserve | COMING SOON

Creamy, undeniably soft woods dusted with cardamom and roses ..  the classic beauty-- creamy, sultry sustainably sourced Mysore sandalwood; royal, sensual, timeless.

VERY TINY BATCH - Newly made 2022 micro-batch of my composition previously featuring vintage Sandalwood which is no longer attainable. I am using a gorgeous lot of sustainable sandalwood oil that gives it authenticity and gentle depth. 

Unmistakably sandalwood forward yet crowned with cardamom, roses, bergamot, and hinoki, this elevated sandalwood perfume pays homage to the sacred tree and the history of perfume. An ingredient that gives blessings upon the altar as well as a smell that has seduced the marketplace, sandalwood is among the most revered aromatics there is. With its milky, sweet, luscious woody curves, it takes the senses to a deep place of intimacy and comfort.

No. 22 is held in a base accord of artisan tinctures including sandalwood, orris, vanilla, patchouli, and damiana.


Style: woody floral 

Strength: pure perfume extrait 

Prominent Notes:


Musk (ambrette, natural) 





100% Natural Artisanal Botanical Fragrance by GATHER perfume. No synthetics ever.


** Due to the fact that I - Gather perfume - use exclusively 100% natural materials, batch variance is to be expected. This is the same in any luxury, handcrafted art medium ( such as dance and opera) and agriculturally dependent arts such as viticulture, honey, or microbrewery. Gather perfumes are often limited editions for this reason, as well as the fact that some materials can only be obtained for small windows of time or no longer available at all. If you prefer uniformity in your fragrances, you may want to consider a more commercially available or mixed media brand. 

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