Honey Clay face mask probiotic all natural
Honey Clay face mask probiotic all natural
Honey Clay face mask probiotic all natural
Honey Clay face mask probiotic all natural
Honey Clay face mask probiotic all natural
Goldenrod tincture foraged
Precipice Collection by Gather

PRECIPICE | Probiotic Clay + Raw Honey Botanical Face Mask | Floral Hydrosols + Aromatherapy

GATHER perfume

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Purifying Restorative FACE MASK

| Probiotic Raw Honey Clay Face Mask with Wildcrafted botanicals |

A smooth, perfectly indulgent honey clay face mask created with an aromatherapeutic skin regenerative blend of essential oils to purify and reinstate the skin's integrity, particularly after a day of wearing protective facial coverings.

French pink and white cosmetic clays draw out impurities from the pores while toning tissue and gently encouraging circulation. Botanical elixirs of wildcrafted plants add the medicine of nature to help keep the skin in tip-top shape, and raw honey adds its softening powers and gentle antimicrobial actions as well as naturally compatible microbiome to help restore the skin's ecosystem. Aromatherapy plant oils are chosen to multitask as sensory indulgence plus as acne-fighters, free radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory agents, and cell-regenerating nutrients. 

Apply a moderate layer of mask onto dry face, carefully avoiding the delicate eye area. Allow to work for 5-10 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with the Precipice Facial Oil, or your favorite skin care. Mask can be used 2-3 x a week and is ideal for normal to combination skin. May be too strong for extremely sensitive skin, in which case you can mix one teaspoon of this mask with one teaspoon of mashed avocado, full fat yogurt, additional honey, or soothing base of choice. 

If the mask pools a little hydrosol at the top, simply stir to reincorporate. I don't use synthetic binders or hydrogenated products to force temperature stability. The integrity of the mask is still good! 

limited micro-batch fall 2020

carrot seed
raw honey
radish ferment probiotic
wild gathered goldenrod


Ingredients: French pink and white cosmetic clays, raw honey, lavender hydrosol, orange blossom hydrosol, non gmo vegetable glycerin, wildcrafted goldenrod elixir, homegrown calendula blossom elixir, wildcrafted mountain mint elixir, wildcrafted pitch pine needle/cone elixir, Radish ferment probiotic, Goldenrod infused organic jojoba oil, pure essential oil blend of organic ylang ylang, organic turmeric, organic carrot seed. Contains a very small amount of alcohol from which the herbal elixirs were created.

100% Natural, Handcrafted by GATHER 


The Personal, the Process, The Gathered 

Perfection on the Precipice of Decay Collection is a pursuit of the fleeting moment something transforms from one seemingly perfect expression, to another. Time in the chrysalis. The moment a plum falls from the tree, too heavy from its fullness of juice and heavy pit. How it may or may not be taken up by a hungry squirrel - either way, becoming its next incarnation through animal or soil. How fleeting that moment of ideal readiness, and how close to rot! How delicate the balance is - the thrill of ultimate realization and the tumbling descent after a summit.  The last fall explosion of nectar rich blooms in all its sweet floral plumes, only to age years in a day to reveal seeds for the future.