Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Beloved Collection 2019 by Gather perfume
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather
Roses Chocolate face cream 100% natural by Gather

ROSES + CHOCOLATE - luxury hand whipped face cream - 100% natural

GATHER perfume / Blissful Botanica

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- 100% natural, hand whipped

- Glass jar, 40ml (1 1/3 oz) 

- Small batch, only 9 jars made

Indulgent and exquisitely creamy, this beautiful face cream is luxurious to use and provides a wealth of healing for all skin types. 

Whipped by hand in batches of a dozen or less jars at a time, these freshly made emulsions provide antioxidant properties from real plants, aromatherapy and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory power from the pure rose otto essential oil,  real cocoa absolute, and skin protective nourishment from the pristine quality base materials. 

Aroma: Predominantly pure rose with a backdrop of chocolate. 

Texture: A dewy soft cream that is easy to the touch and  smooths effortlessly onto the skin. Extremely emollient, a little goes a long way.

*Important note about this particular cream: Many companies use cocoa absolute that is held in DPG (dipropylene glycol). This substance is widely used in cosmetic emulsions, deodorants, etc, for it's ability to support emulsification and product stability, and although generally accepted as safe by the FDA, I choose not ever to use it. Because of this, I work with pure cocoa absolute, which is highly viscous and not soluble in oil. In order to coax the cocoa absolute into a cream emulsion, I first mix it with a small amount of alcohol, with rose oil and fractionated coconut oil, so that it becomes a pourable substance and can be added to the cream phases. The reason I am telling you all of this is because, due to this process of working stubbornly with only pure materials, you may notice your Roses + Chocolate cream displaying some inconsistent texture when you begin using it. This is normal and in no way affects its special powers. If you wish, you may take a clean cosmetic spatula or toothpick and give it a little stir to re-incorporate it. Do not put it in the fridge or leave in the hot sun. 



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Ingredients: Oils of Apricot kernel, Almond and Coconut infused with Roses and Alkanet, Rose hydrosol, purified water, Aloe vera gel, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Rose concrete, Rose otto, Cocoa absolute, Rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E oil, Rosemary antioxidant, tiny amount of vegan non-gmo emulsifying wax, tiny amount of natural borax, tiny amount of pure grain alcohol (to dissolve the cocoa). 

Created in collaboration with my mom, Lucy Mitchella of Blissful Botanica. Lucy makes and whips this cream for us :)  





** Due to the fact that I - Gather perfume - use exclusively 100% natural materials, batch variance is to be expected. This is the same in any luxury, handcrafted art medium ( such as dance and opera) and agriculturally dependent arts such as viticulture, honey, or microbrewery. Gather perfumes are often limited editions for this reason, as well as the fact that some materials can only be obtained for small windows of time or no longer available at all. If you prefer uniformity in your fragrances, you may want to consider a more commercially available or mixed media brand. 

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